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As the year comes to a close, now is the time to set New Year resolutions. How many times have you set these goals only to not achieve them? How much more successful would you be if you had a plan and support to reach those resolutions?

Intentional Resolutions is a 6-week support group to help you evaluate 2021 and set you up for 2022. Each week is centered on a topic to process. This is a closed group, meaning you will meet and process with the same people each week. At the group's conclusion, participants will leave with tools, enlightenment, and steps to achieve their 2022 goals. The breakdown is as follows: 

Week 1 December 10
Who am I? / What have I overcome?

Week 2 December 17
What tools do I have?/ What tools do I need?

Week 3 January 7
Where do I want to be?/ How do I get there?

Week 4 January 14
What have I learned? What can I do with it?

Week 5 January 21
What's holding me back? What do I need to let go of?

Week 6 January 28
Where do I want to go? What is my plan?