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Therapy For You

M.a.i. therapeutic services

Manifest. Affirm. Intent.

Do you feel you should be/could be in a better or different place than you are?

Maybe you find it difficult to move past negative thinking, anxious feelings, depression, or lack of motivation. Do you have a sexuality-related need that would benefit from a sex-positive nonjudgemental space?

Have you experienced trauma that prevents you from progress in your personal, professional, or daily life?

No matter what has brought you here, I want to congratulate you on taking that emotional risk. Opening yourself to therapy is a vulnerability worthy of praise. You have all the power to manifest a reality in which you can thrive. Together we will set intentional goals and I would be honored to affirm you on the journey. 

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I believe therapy to be an intentional space to grow, heal, and learn. I utilize holistic and integrative techniques, such as guided meditations, to help my clients take the steps towards their ideal beings and affirm them along the way. I believe in the wisdom of the body and let the feelings, tensions, and sensations you experience inform the interventions we use.


I love learning and as I learn more about you and your goals I will pull tools from a variety of therapeutic modalities and create interventions tailored to you. I am an active therapist committed to supporting your growth and as such, I offer therapeutic pushback to help you deepen your understandings. If you are ready to collaborate and take steps towards the vision you hold for yourself please fill out the contact form below. I look forward to being apart of your journey.



            Wishing you light and clarity,

Shanae Adams, MA, LPCC, NCC CIGT (she/they)